Thursday, 23 February 2012


This is some of my drawings from my anatomy class. I looked into how the muscles connect and tried to create and develop some unique art work. I feel the colour and tones can be very eye catching. I am happy with the outcome of each drawing.

Asylum development

For my final project at university i have decided to create an  virtual environment of an abandoned asylum based on Canehill Asylum. This is the very first stages of the project. In these images I am creating simple objects to see how long it takes me so I can plan out my production time.

development for art

I have decided to create promotional Art for Dance Vibez company for my 4th year art project. I began by photographing the dancers and editing in photoshop to see what effects i could come up with, this is only early stages of my work.


This is my 1st attempt at using terragen. I am very please with the outcome, as this is me only learning about terragen. I feel I could use this program long side Maya and incorporate both scenes together to create a more affective image or environment.

Interior - Virtual environment of Scotland Street school

     This is my interior of the virtual environment of Scotland street school I created in Maya. I feel the lighting needs a lot more work, but I really enjoyed modelling and texturing this project. I plan to continue experimenting with the creation of virtual environments as I am highly interested in the production progress.

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Scotland Street School - render

This is a quick render of how my virtual environment of Scotland street school looks with textures and lighting. I added a few more objects to make the scene look busy. I feel the road and ground textures are far too clean looking and is something ill need to work on.

Vitrual Environment - Scotland street school

For my virtual environment class at university i have decided to create an environment based on Scotland street school. This is the early stages of the project. I created the whole model in Maya.

Development for Promotional Art porject

This is my first attempt at developing digital art for the company dance vibez. I began the project by photo graphing the dancers and editing them in Photoshop. I liked the idea of trying to create the movement within a still image.